How to care for and maintain your lawn


  1. Disinfect the soil, if it is weed-infested, with a Glyphosate-based product (Roundup or similar).
  2. Prepare the soil with an appropriate chemical fertiliser, and with soil conditioners if necessary.
  3. Clean the required area, removing all rocks and levelling the ground. Roll roughly and touch up with a rake.
  4. To lay the turf, open the rolls and spread them over the soil bed, starting from the longest side.
    Lay the rolls, taking care to work on wooden beams. Lay the rolls next to each other and ensure there are no air pockets between roll and soil.
  5. Finish the edges with a sharp knife; on sloped ground secure the instant turf with wooden pegs.
  6. Irrigate the turf abundantly immediately after laying it, and then frequently over the following days to prevent drying.
  7. After the initial abundant watering, roll it to make it adhere to the underlying clods of soil. It can be cut a few weeks after installation.
  8. It is advisable to treat newly-lain rolls with Propamocarb and Propiconazole-based fungicides.