Turf Rolls
Top quality turf rolls

The FRIUL PRATI farm, operating over an area of more than 20 hectares, is the first farm in Friuli Venezia Giulia with a decade of experience in producing top quality turf rolls. Turfgrass in rolls is resistant, practical, ecological, and has an excellent aesthetic and immediately fully grown appearance and can be laid any time of the year as well as used immediately after laying without waiting for the normal growth and thickening of common seed-sown lawn.


The company has the most advanced technologies and fleet, qualified staff and the supervision of professional agronomists. The turf-grass is grown for at least 8 months on sandy soil using the best fertilisers and select seed mixtures. Our nurseries are located near the sea and are therefore characterised by mild climates, constant ventilation and very sandy soil. This makes it possible to have turf available throughout the year, without the hazard of turf-grass fungi diseases. Turf rolls are a more efficient alternative to traditional sowing, and the request is continuously rising. We sell directly to garden professionals, nurseries and private customers


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