The pros of turf rolls

– The aesthetic effect is excellent and the final result is immediate, on the contrary, with traditional sowing, the soil remains uncovered for months.

– It can be laid any time of the year, even in cold weather, unlike traditional sowing which is carried out at the end of the summer/beginning of autumn, to avoid weeds and disease from developing.

– Easy installation, for both operators and first-time users.

– Uniform coverage, even on slopes, preventing erosion and washout which otherwise affect traditional sowing.

– You can walk on turf, with moderation, immediately after laying it, and intensely after two/three weeks.

– Irrigation must be abundant immediately after laying the turf, then ordinary after fifteen days.

– Weed control is easier because the turf is already a fully-grown, disease-free, parasite-free and weed-free lawn, unlike traditional sowing where weeds grow abundantly and must be treated with suitable weed killer.

– Absolute guarantee of taking root if the instructions are followed correctly.

– Maximum fulfilment of the most specific requirements of your creations.

– Convenience, in consideration of the required labour and treatment costs, as well as re-sowing, to achieve the results of instant turf in rolls.